Indian food tonight…yes!


oh, hey there.

oh, hey there.

I miss this space. Perhaps life is calming down enough to share my world once again.

hit the road jack

Drew always says I’m a walking paradox.  I’m hungry, but feel full.  I’m sleepy, but not ready to go to bed.  I’m hot but want to cover with a blanket.

I found myself in this typical tug-o-war of the mind when preparing for our vacation to Colorado.  We wanted to be spontaneous yet at the same time I felt inclined to make plans.  Our friends were getting married in Durango, so I booked us to the Lodge for a few nights. However we left our travel nights free to wherever the road took us.  Just as long as it was in the direction of Durango and then home.

We are a touch crazy and opted to leave at 3am to begin our travels.  Mainly we wanted to beat the heat, although I think we were both excited to begin vacation!

We planned to take some back roads through the panhandle of Oklahoma.  I had never been so it was exciting, but also flat and boring.  Our ‘plan’ was to go to Trinidad, CO, but we changed our minds and kept straight west to Taos, New Mexico.  Not many photos since we were so tired once we arrived, but here are some shots of New Mexico on our way to Durango.

More vacation photos to come.



a maker affair

I love being spontaneous.  Even though we knew about the Maker Faire happening in Kansas City for months, we still were unsure as to whether or not we would attend.  Less than 24 hours before we had to leave, we got the call that a friend of ours was attending.  This meant we had someone to make the 4 1/2 hour (one way) drive with.

Make magazine is an awesome publication with tips and how-tos on various at home projects.  We were pretty pumped to attend this fair where makers from all over would come to one place showing off their ingenuity, creativity…and well cool gadgets.  I’m sad to say I wasn’t in awe or amazed by any one thing.  I’m happy to have attended the Maker Faire, but left a little wanting.

The location was amazing.  Union Station is a must see if you are ever in Kansas City.  I loved looking at the architecture and the permanent installations I found of more interest than the ‘maker’ booths.  aka, we played in the awesome kids science area all day!

This lady was pretty amazing.  We were standing on the third story level.  She was right in front of us most of the time.  Talk about take your breath away…in fear!

Okay. So the most awesome part was playing in the sand.  We met a really nice fellow who does sandcastles for a living.  So much fun.  He let us play with a sphere maker.  It’s basically a little piece of plastic shaped in a semi-sphere.  We felt like the real deal making our own spheres.

Next up was a little audio visual overload.  ArcAttack was entertaining with their own set of Tesla coils. Somewhat scary feeling watching these guys play with getting hit with electric bolts.  And did I mention it was loud?

All in all it was a great time had with friends. Even the total 9 hours in the car wasn’t so bad.  Oh, and one last treat…we stopped at the Wood Yard to get some BBQ on our way out.  Thank you Kansas City!


i’m officially obsessed

I’m not usually excited about feral cats in the neighborhood, but this time is different.  Recently we saw one of the cats had kittens.  The same cat we have chased out of our garage and attic on multiple occasions.  But she had kittens. 3 adorable kittens.  Now all I want to do is keep them in our yard only and watch the play about.

The sad part is, one of the kittens didn’t make it. There are now only two. This cute white and stripped one, and another that looks like Mamma Cat.  In other sad news, they always run away from me and hide.  More sad news, I know I can not feed the cats per the man of the house.  Although I did put a little bowl of water out for them.

I have seen Mamma Cat on the porch, but rarely will the kittens get up there. This day Momma Cat was nursing one of the kittens but I could not get a good photo of it.

Each morning I wake up and check out the window to see where the kittens are.  I get giddy watching the little things pounce and play. I also spied Drew peeking through the blinds a few times, although he might not want to admit it.  I am however officially obsessed with stalking the kittens night and day.


In Texas I was invited to a clothing swap by a bunch of girls I had never met.  Since I had a ton of clothes that didn’t fit anymore, I jumped on the opportunity to get rid of what I couldn’t use.  Not to mention I got to meet new people and essentially get free clothes.  All it cost me was a little time.

Believe it or not a year later(or has it been 2) I still had clothes I was ready to swap out.  And here’s the evidence to prove it.

I hosted my own clothing swap with a handful of fun ladies.  I didn’t get any pictures during the swap, but my entire living room floor was covered.   Not to mention this is what was left over once everyone had gone home and I organized it a bit.

That’s 6 sacks full of good clothes.  Doesn’t it feel good to clean out your closet!

I wanted this swap not to only be about getting new clothes for free, but also helping others who are in need of good clothes.  First Baptist Tulsa is situated in the heart of downtown, giving them the ability to reach many people in need every day.  They also have new donation bins which make it easy to drive by and drop off. And many other organizations like John 3:16, Salvation Army, Career Closet…the list goes on.

Ever think about hosting your own clothing swap? It’s super easy.  Clean out your closet, invite friends over, swap clothes and then make a contribution that makes a difference in your community.

…just in case you’re wondering.  I filled up the orange chair with clothes from the swap.  I only thought I was making space in my closet.

where did you go?

I feel like some people are wanting to ask me this.  The past month or more has really picked up and involved a lot of transition.  I started a full-time job that did not work out at all.  It was tough being gone all day and keeping up with house duties among other things.  I applaud you who work and also take care of the house. Drew and I have discovered we are both much happier when I can just be domestic and he can go to work everyday.   Er go, I am no longer working at that full time job.

me driving away from work on my last day.

However, I’m not just being domestic these days but also entrepreneurial.  Many of you already know about Melovision, my photography blog.  I am in the works now with my good friend Becca on designing a logo, and possibly setting up a website that will better showcase a portfolio.   I have family portraits tomorrow and a wedding coming up in two weeks.   I’m hoping after those I can launch a website, make business cards and jump in with both feet in regards to photography.

Secondly, I have opened up an Etsy shop.  Esty is an online site for people like myself and artists to sell their items.  I opened Oncemor Vintage at the end of April.  Right now I’m modeling the clothes, but I would love to photograph someone else if they are interested in modeling…that way I can get back behind the camera!

I’m excited to say I’ve already made a couple of sales, one of which was to Israel.  I’ve gone international!  I have also paid for a small ad on Smile and Wave’s blog.  I went to college with Rachel and her husband.  She has an awesome blog and I get so many ideas from her.

It has been super fun to focus on these endeavors.  I hope to make a viable business out of Melovision and just possibly Oncemor Vintage as well.

mothers and mimosas

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms! I know I am a couple days late, but I just have to tell you about my mom’s big day.

My sister and I wanted to have a nice girls day out.  Sister suggested brunch at Smoke on Cherry Street. Whereupon we enjoyed a delicious localally grown meal…and some Mimosas!

It was however my mother’s idea to go see a show at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.  I saw this movie about 4 years ago and fell in love with the story.  All three of us were excited for the matinee show of…

I have to admit, when I see the performers coming on stage singing and dancing in unison, I cry.  I literally tear up every time I see a show.  I’m not sure why.  It’s beautiful.  I want to be up there on stage.   Fiddler on the Roof is a moving play.  I of course cried even more.

But best of all, my mom had a wonderful day.  Her health was restored enough to enjoy the day with her daughters.  We closed the evening with more mimosas, but this time the tree.  We ate dinner on our back porch and admired the lovely weather and mimosa blossoms.

I can’t express what a lovely day we had.  I love my mom so much, she is always there for me. I’m so thankful for her each and every day.  It was such a perfect day to stop and celebrate my mother. I feel so blessed.

heart walked

We did it! I’m so happy to announce that my Tulsa Heart Walk team raised $255 to help support the American Heart Association.  My sister and Drew joined me this past Saturday in downtown Tulsa.  There were 1,000s of people out taking steps to get heart healthy, how inspiring!  This was a weekend I was hoping my mom might be able to participate in, but currently her health and heart function continues to decline. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for those who helped raise the $255!

DIY: refinished end table

Once upon a time Drew and I took to the driveway with an orbital sander and a sad, sad table.

This table came from Drew’s bachelor pad.  It’s not made with the best of wood.  It’s not ornate.  It’s a plain old table.

The top was the absolute worse.  I believe it was completely covered with various assortments of tea in it’s other life.  But currently it sets in front of our large living room window gaining a lot of attention.

I have to admit I was a little concerned about taking the table apart but this made sanding the entire table so much easier.  Also,the orbital sander was the best investment for this project. (and others)

And we kept sanding, and sanding, and sanding!   We felt like it would never end although I did find sanding somewhat soothing.

Still sanding.  We had to go to the good ole block and sandpaper method when it came to the finishing fine grit. (oh and I got a haircut)

Here are all the dismantled pieces of the table, almost time to put it back together.

But first we had to stain.  We chose ‘provincial’ oil based stain.  By this point we were so tired of sanding, and just ready to see some progress.  I think he is ready to be done.  Between this point and our final product were many coats of wood sealer. Also we added a touch of paint to add detail to our otherwise plain table.

I love how it turned out.  I didn’t want it to get too dark so we only stained the table with one coat.   We already had this light green paint, which helped keep costs low.

I loved this table, even in it’s desperate state.  Now I love it more!

This newly finished table makes my living room complete…especially with our awesome lantern and rabbit fur.

It has taken me so long to post this project that we are almost done with the coffee table we are working on.  Photos to come soon.