a maker affair

I love being spontaneous.  Even though we knew about the Maker Faire happening in Kansas City for months, we still were unsure as to whether or not we would attend.  Less than 24 hours before we had to leave, we got the call that a friend of ours was attending.  This meant we had someone to make the 4 1/2 hour (one way) drive with.

Make magazine is an awesome publication with tips and how-tos on various at home projects.  We were pretty pumped to attend this fair where makers from all over would come to one place showing off their ingenuity, creativity…and well cool gadgets.  I’m sad to say I wasn’t in awe or amazed by any one thing.  I’m happy to have attended the Maker Faire, but left a little wanting.

The location was amazing.  Union Station is a must see if you are ever in Kansas City.  I loved looking at the architecture and the permanent installations I found of more interest than the ‘maker’ booths.  aka, we played in the awesome kids science area all day!

This lady was pretty amazing.  We were standing on the third story level.  She was right in front of us most of the time.  Talk about take your breath away…in fear!

Okay. So the most awesome part was playing in the sand.  We met a really nice fellow who does sandcastles for a living.  So much fun.  He let us play with a sphere maker.  It’s basically a little piece of plastic shaped in a semi-sphere.  We felt like the real deal making our own spheres.

Next up was a little audio visual overload.  ArcAttack was entertaining with their own set of Tesla coils. Somewhat scary feeling watching these guys play with getting hit with electric bolts.  And did I mention it was loud?

All in all it was a great time had with friends. Even the total 9 hours in the car wasn’t so bad.  Oh, and one last treat…we stopped at the Wood Yard to get some BBQ on our way out.  Thank you Kansas City!



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