i’m officially obsessed

I’m not usually excited about feral cats in the neighborhood, but this time is different.  Recently we saw one of the cats had kittens.  The same cat we have chased out of our garage and attic on multiple occasions.  But she had kittens. 3 adorable kittens.  Now all I want to do is keep them in our yard only and watch the play about.

The sad part is, one of the kittens didn’t make it. There are now only two. This cute white and stripped one, and another that looks like Mamma Cat.  In other sad news, they always run away from me and hide.  More sad news, I know I can not feed the cats per the man of the house.  Although I did put a little bowl of water out for them.

I have seen Mamma Cat on the porch, but rarely will the kittens get up there. This day Momma Cat was nursing one of the kittens but I could not get a good photo of it.

Each morning I wake up and check out the window to see where the kittens are.  I get giddy watching the little things pounce and play. I also spied Drew peeking through the blinds a few times, although he might not want to admit it.  I am however officially obsessed with stalking the kittens night and day.


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