DIY: refinished end table

Once upon a time Drew and I took to the driveway with an orbital sander and a sad, sad table.

This table came from Drew’s bachelor pad.  It’s not made with the best of wood.  It’s not ornate.  It’s a plain old table.

The top was the absolute worse.  I believe it was completely covered with various assortments of tea in it’s other life.  But currently it sets in front of our large living room window gaining a lot of attention.

I have to admit I was a little concerned about taking the table apart but this made sanding the entire table so much easier.  Also,the orbital sander was the best investment for this project. (and others)

And we kept sanding, and sanding, and sanding!   We felt like it would never end although I did find sanding somewhat soothing.

Still sanding.  We had to go to the good ole block and sandpaper method when it came to the finishing fine grit. (oh and I got a haircut)

Here are all the dismantled pieces of the table, almost time to put it back together.

But first we had to stain.  We chose ‘provincial’ oil based stain.  By this point we were so tired of sanding, and just ready to see some progress.  I think he is ready to be done.  Between this point and our final product were many coats of wood sealer. Also we added a touch of paint to add detail to our otherwise plain table.

I love how it turned out.  I didn’t want it to get too dark so we only stained the table with one coat.   We already had this light green paint, which helped keep costs low.

I loved this table, even in it’s desperate state.  Now I love it more!

This newly finished table makes my living room complete…especially with our awesome lantern and rabbit fur.

It has taken me so long to post this project that we are almost done with the coffee table we are working on.  Photos to come soon.



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