where did you go?

I feel like some people are wanting to ask me this.  The past month or more has really picked up and involved a lot of transition.  I started a full-time job that did not work out at all.  It was tough being gone all day and keeping up with house duties among other things.  I applaud you who work and also take care of the house. Drew and I have discovered we are both much happier when I can just be domestic and he can go to work everyday.   Er go, I am no longer working at that full time job.

me driving away from work on my last day.

However, I’m not just being domestic these days but also entrepreneurial.  Many of you already know about Melovision, my photography blog.  I am in the works now with my good friend Becca on designing a logo, and possibly setting up a website that will better showcase a portfolio.   I have family portraits tomorrow and a wedding coming up in two weeks.   I’m hoping after those I can launch a website, make business cards and jump in with both feet in regards to photography.

Secondly, I have opened up an Etsy shop.  Esty is an online site for people like myself and artists to sell their items.  I opened Oncemor Vintage at the end of April.  Right now I’m modeling the clothes, but I would love to photograph someone else if they are interested in modeling…that way I can get back behind the camera!

I’m excited to say I’ve already made a couple of sales, one of which was to Israel.  I’ve gone international!  I have also paid for a small ad on Smile and Wave’s blog.  I went to college with Rachel and her husband.  She has an awesome blog and I get so many ideas from her.

It has been super fun to focus on these endeavors.  I hope to make a viable business out of Melovision and just possibly Oncemor Vintage as well.


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