hit the road jack

Drew always says I’m a walking paradox.  I’m hungry, but feel full.  I’m sleepy, but not ready to go to bed.  I’m hot but want to cover with a blanket.

I found myself in this typical tug-o-war of the mind when preparing for our vacation to Colorado.  We wanted to be spontaneous yet at the same time I felt inclined to make plans.  Our friends were getting married in Durango, so I booked us to the Lodge for a few nights. However we left our travel nights free to wherever the road took us.  Just as long as it was in the direction of Durango and then home.

We are a touch crazy and opted to leave at 3am to begin our travels.  Mainly we wanted to beat the heat, although I think we were both excited to begin vacation!

We planned to take some back roads through the panhandle of Oklahoma.  I had never been so it was exciting, but also flat and boring.  Our ‘plan’ was to go to Trinidad, CO, but we changed our minds and kept straight west to Taos, New Mexico.  Not many photos since we were so tired once we arrived, but here are some shots of New Mexico on our way to Durango.

More vacation photos to come.




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