In Texas I was invited to a clothing swap by a bunch of girls I had never met.  Since I had a ton of clothes that didn’t fit anymore, I jumped on the opportunity to get rid of what I couldn’t use.  Not to mention I got to meet new people and essentially get free clothes.  All it cost me was a little time.

Believe it or not a year later(or has it been 2) I still had clothes I was ready to swap out.  And here’s the evidence to prove it.

I hosted my own clothing swap with a handful of fun ladies.  I didn’t get any pictures during the swap, but my entire living room floor was covered.   Not to mention this is what was left over once everyone had gone home and I organized it a bit.

That’s 6 sacks full of good clothes.  Doesn’t it feel good to clean out your closet!

I wanted this swap not to only be about getting new clothes for free, but also helping others who are in need of good clothes.  First Baptist Tulsa is situated in the heart of downtown, giving them the ability to reach many people in need every day.  They also have new donation bins which make it easy to drive by and drop off. And many other organizations like John 3:16, Salvation Army, Career Closet…the list goes on.

Ever think about hosting your own clothing swap? It’s super easy.  Clean out your closet, invite friends over, swap clothes and then make a contribution that makes a difference in your community.

…just in case you’re wondering.  I filled up the orange chair with clothes from the swap.  I only thought I was making space in my closet.


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