getting outside

I could not be more happy with the weather right now.  It is still a bit chilly, upper 60s to low 70s, but it’s wonderful. I’m more of an 80s kind of girl.  The trees are finally all green, bursting with life.  I. LOVE. IT.  I can not tell you how giddy I get about the lighting during this time of year.  The golden rays shining through the leaves, vivid colors of green…it’s too much to take in!

This time of year makes me want to be outside all the time. I can’t say this is true of Drew, but he gets out there with me.  I have proof.

I am getting pumped for next week when Drew and I will be participating in Tulsa’s Heart Walk in downtown. I’m excited to be apart of helping the American Heart Association gain more support to help prevent heart disease.  Especially since my family deals with heart disease on a daily basis.  However, I must admit…I’m super excited to get outside!

On a slightly different note, Drew and I got outside this past week to look at the 4×8 competition in Brookside. I only posted a few detail pictures, but it has been requested to show some more.  I really thought I took more photos than this, but alas I did not.

This was my favorite. Although, it needed a glass top.

But without at glass top, you are able to have these cool hexagon storage containers. In the background is also a 4x8 cube desk.

Those are handles on the top. The top will come off and the bottom lay flat thanks to the living hinge.

The top will slide onto this piece for easy carrying. Detail underneath desk, living hinge.

Best in show. They bent the wood then covered it in some sort of white finish. Comes with an iPad mount.



  1. On the hexagon desk, if you used the fab lab to cut darker hardwood hexagons, you could plug enough holes to make a writing surface. Put a clear plastic coat on it to make the surface smooth. Drew could have fun cutting precise hexagons

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