Easter weekend

Drew and I flew down to Arlington this past weekend for a mini-vacation.  We had a blast!  I can’t remember last when I laughed so hard and just truly had a relaxing time.

Before we left, the Easter bunny dropped off a little surprise for us. 

It is so fun to get an unexpected package in the mail.  Drew’s parents sent this as a little Easter surprise.  I couldn’t wait for Drew to get home to open it. Tee Hee.

Yay for chocolates and goodies! I couldn’t eat the pretzels, so Drew let me have the truffles.  Fair trade!

As for our trip to Texas…so much fun.  We were able to go on double dates, see family, and spend lots of time with friends.  Two of our friends we stayed with, Matt and Suzanne, took us sailing on Saturday.  We had lots of fun the entire trip, but a little fun in the sun was a big highlight for me.

I had my camera out a lot because I took photos of sailing for my photography class.  I will post more of those at melovison.  There are so many things to share about our trip but here are some highlights of our time at the lake.

Getting prepped.

And we're off!

Strong Matt.

Can you count how many he can do?

Suzanne laughs as the men conduct a Strongest Man contest.


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