little facts

Little FactsI’m linking back up with See Me Rwar once again to give you Little Facts.

It’s been an awesome week here.  The sun is out and the weather has bypassed spring and moved right into summerish weather. We had house guests this week, more on that soon.  And as many have already seen from my Facebook, I chopped off my hair.  I love having it really short again.  It’s so refreshing.

And now for more Little Facts.

Words: I have a tendency to make up words.  Take this morning for example.  Drew and I were talking about how hot it’s been. I genuinely did not mean to say it, but I replied ‘why yes it’s unusuably hot out’.  I think I was mixing ‘unusually’ and ‘unseasonably’.  I’m so weird.  Granted both my blogs are also a merging of words…

Fear: I don’t enjoy heights.  However I can manage them.  This week I went up an old fire escape to get to the roof of a building.  It wasn’t my favorite at first but I can handle it.  However, flying with major turbulence…I don’t handle so well.  I’m talking sweat, tears, and full on freaking out.  The real fear is dying in a plane crash.

Childhood: I grew up in a small town on a dead-end street somewhat in the country.  I think I spent most of my childhood outside on my bike, playing house in the garage, studying the plants, and running around barefoot without a care in the world.  I miss those days.


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