little facts

Little Facts

Today I’m participating in, Little Facts, hosted by Rebecca of See Me Rwar. She makes outfit posts which give me inspiration to try new things with the clothes I already own. So here are some little facts about me…

Pet Peeve: I can’t stand a dirty bathroom sink. It doesn’t have to be spotless. The sink just needs to be devoid of toothpaste residue or tiny shaving clippings from my husband’s morning shave.

Food: Lately I can’t get enough of Braum’s Peppermint ice cream. I’m addicted. I might need an Intervention.

Guaranteed Happy: A warm sunny day, couple it with ‘Here Comes the Sun‘ by The Beatles and I’m a happy woman! Oh and driving with the windows down with the wind blowing in my hair.



  1. Bahaha, same goes here with the bathroom sink: shaving clippings from hubby every other day…I always run the water in the sink before spitting out the toothpaste, and then logically (IMHO) just swoosh everything down the drain.

  2. BAH! I hate whiskers in the sink – I also can’t stand tooth paste splotches on the mirror… I see this turning into a wife rant ;) following!

    • Actually my husband does an excellent job of keeping the sink clean. Sometimes I’m the one to leave the toothpaste behind : ) I’m not a fan when the rare occasion occurs.

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