DIY: laundry soap

When Drew and I moved to Tulsa, we came without a washer and dryer.  We had become accustomed to taking a trip to the laundry mat once a week.  Oh the quarters we went through!

So, once we moved we discovered my cousin was getting a new washer and dryer.  Yay! They needed to get rid of their old ones…and for free.  They are not the most beautiful looking pieces of machinery; I will spare you a photo.  But boy do they get our clothes clean and dry.

I wanted to make my own laundry soap once we got settled.  Lo and behold my cousin not only did the same but gave me her recipe and ingredients to make it!

Making your own soap at home can be super cost effective.  (Even when you buy the ingredients yourself.)

All you need is Borax, Washing Soda (this is different than baking soda), and a bar of soap (w/cheese grater). I was given Fels-Naptha; it’s been around awhile and made specifically for washing clothes and getting out stains.

There are several recipes online, and this is what I happened to use.

1 1/2 Cup Washing Soda

1 1/2 Cup Borax

1 Grated Bar of Fels-Naptha

-Use 2Tbs per load.  I sometimes use less if it’s a small load or if my clothes aren’t incredibly filthy.

Luckily I did this in the winter and had no problem with the soap getting too warm to melt.  But I have heard putting the bar in the freezer before grating helps immensely.  Also, I think an ordinary Dove bar is softer than the Fels-Naptha bar.

Just mix it all together and you will get a beautiful blend that looks akin to this…and a messy table.  But luckily it’s just soap.  My table needed a good cleaning anyways!





  1. Oh thank you!!! My friend gave me this recipe and I was too embarrassed to tell her that I lost it – I’m so glad you posted this so I don’t have to tell her….. talk about a multi-tasking blog!!!!

  2. Reblogged this on rebeccawrites78 and commented:
    I wanted to try a WordPress “reblog” to see how it worked out. I thought, what type of blog (written by someone else) would fit on my blog and lead it in the direction in which I am taking it? How about a do it yourself laundry soap recipe! My friend gave me a slightly different version of this same recipe in liquid form, and I am planning on making my own soap when we run out of the store bought stuff. Anyone else already do this? Let me know what you think, and if you use powder or liquid!

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