birthday week: turning 30

I don’t think birthdays are all that exciting when it falls in the middle of the week.  You are usually too busy doing life to stop and really celebrate.  Thankfully I’m not the typical employed 30 year old.  I’ve got lots of free time.

While Drew was at work, I had a lovely lunch with my mom.  We went to the Belvidere Mansion in Claremore for lunch and tea.

It’s crazy to me that I have gone the past decade without spending one birthday with my mom. Where have I been? (you can check that out at my birthday recap)  It was a very special day to not have any errands to run, no doctor visits, but just quality time with my mom.

Even though we didn’t go out, Drew was extra special to me when he got home for work.  He bought me flowers.  He is so good…he even got flowers that would match our living room.  LOVE THEM!

Not only did I get the roses but he also bought a heater for our detached laundry room.  Yay for staying warm!

It was a perfect relaxing birthday.  Namely because he cooked dinner and washed the dishes.  I love being a wife and taking care of the house.  But it sure felt special to be taken care of on my birthday.  Thanks babe!

Up next, the 90’s Party.


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