birthday week: the finer things

I’m not always buying Groupons left and right, but recently I felt I have.  There are just too many good deals out there.

I had been eyeing one for a local winery. So when Drew said it would be a good thing to do for my birthday, I clicked the ‘buy’ button immediately.

The Sunday before my birthday we took to the country and headed to Stone Bluff Cellars, about 45 minutes from our home.

Our package included a wine tasting.  Drew and I each got to pick 4 or 5 different wines to taste.  And since we chose different ones, we really got to taste almost 10 different varieties of wine.

We decided we would try a bottle with our lunch.  I believe we picked out a red dessert wine.  It had strong flavors of cherry, which is nice in small amounts.

Our package also came with a cheese and meat basket, artichoke dip, and our choice of soup.

It was a light meal, but it sure hit the spot.

We had a nice relaxing afternoon out in the country.  I was hoping for warm sunny weather, but it ended up being mildly cool with strong winds.  I would recommend heading out to Stone Bluff sometime in the spring.  It was so pretty out there.

Before we left we enjoyed some hot tea to soothe our souls.

 This was a great time together to celebrate my birthday.  And it was just the beginning of my birthday festivities.


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