be my valentine

Valentine’s Day is never really on my radar.  But this year being newly married I guess I’m thinking about it a little more than usual.   I mean, I’ve always thought it a little silly to make one day of the year so focused on love.  But truthfully I think it’s a grand idea.

I will be honest, of course it is easier for me to enjoy the holiday as a married woman than any year I celebrated single.  But I also realize there are many married folks out there who need a break from the everyday chores and the kids so they can truly focus on each other.

I was inspired by a friend’s post, a 14 Day Love Challenge.  As I read it I found that most of it Drew and I already do often or it just doesn’t apply to our lives.  I mean just think about it.  We are newlyweds with no kiddos.   Basically what I’m saying here is we are still in our honeymoon phase.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was inspired by Stacie to do something for Drew each day for the 14 days leading up to Valentines Day. Mainly I took from her first suggestion and made it my own.

I give you the Love Jar.

Basically I took an old Mason jar and added a little flavor.  I cut out paper and used some stickers I already had to decorate the top.

Then I took 14 pieces of paper and folded them into little love notes.  I wrote on each one why I love, respect, and admire Drew. I found this list could go on and on. He gets to pick out one a day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Don’t tell, but I actually added more than 14.

It took me about 30 minutes to cut out the paper, write the love notes, and stuff them in the jar.

This is a great way to show your loved one how much you love and respect them.  Don’t worry if you don’t start on the first of the month.  To make it even more special pick a random two weeks out of the year to show your special loved one how much you care.  And don’t feel pressure to do a jar.  Follow Stacie’s idea and hide them around the house for him to find.  Just have fun with it!

There is no need to wait on a holiday to tell the people around us how much they are loved!


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