birthday week: a preface

Last Wednesday I left my 20s and boldly stepped into my 30s.  There was no preventing it.

Actually there was no hesitation to move forward into my 30s.

I feel incredibly blessed.  I’m married to my best friend.  I live close to my family.  And I get to see some of my best friends who have know me all my life more than 2 or 3 times a year.

I had a full week of celebrating from weekend to weekend.  So to keep with the retelling of my journey out of my 20s and into my 30s….it’s going to take a few posts.  So bear with me!

First off, I have done a lot of thinking about the past 10 years.  I have learned so much it would take days to express the knowledge I have gained about myself, people, and life.  Instead I will share my experiences, each come with their own lesson.

1. I went to the college of my choice.  Expensive as it was, I feel blessed by the education I received.

2. I finished said college with a degree AND did it in 4 years.

3. I interned with the Super Bowl Host Committee.

4. I moved the day of graduation to Texas, many hours away from family.

5. I cried like a baby once my family pulled out of the driveway after above mentioned move.

6. I lived in my first home by myself, and learned I don’t like it.

7. I chose to leave everything behind and live overseas for two years working for a higher calling.

8. I learned Arabic, Arab culture, how to use public transport, and well that list could go on and on.

9. I experienced living in 3 different countries aside from the USA.

10. I traveled to a dozen different countries.

11. I moved back home.

12. I experienced more culture shock coming home than I did leaving.

13. I lost loved ones.

14. I purchased a car…and then purchased a better one.

15.  I moved back to Texas.

16. I’ve been a social worker, seminary student, accounts payable clerk, camp intern, administrative assistant, etc.

17. I took up photography, and took a class to work in the dark room.

18. I lived with an artist.

19. I was in a lot of weddings.

20. I got engaged.

21. I married the most caring and supporting husband, my best friend, Drew.

22. I lived in a hotel for over a month.

23. After 15 different homes I’ve lived in, I’m finally in my own with my husband.

24. I changed my name.




  1. Thanks for sharing, Mel! Reflecting on a decade of life can be daunting – but you have given it such expressiveness and positive air. You are an amazing woman and it’s been fun “watching” you from afar for the last ten years…and being freaked out when you collided with a friend of mine from a different part of life! Love when that happens! Thank you for sharing your adventure with me. :) *hugs*

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