preserving the past.

Being a newly wed is rather spectacular. We are constantly experiencing firsts and cherishing life together.

As I have already mentioned this Christmas we had a real tree.  And since this was our first…we decided to make some memories of it.

Or rather, make an ornament out of it!

First, Drew sawed off a slice from the trunk of our tree.

Then we had to dry it out.  We let it sit a couple of days but then just decided to throw it in the oven.

We had already decided we would laser cut the ornament at the Tulsa Fab Lab (more on this later).

So next we came up with a design on the computer.  Drew was able to easily take this in to the Fab Lab with our slice of tree.

And he came back with this…

It turned out a millions times better than expected! I’m so happy we made this ornament as a keepsake for our 1st Christmas together.



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