We got some pretty awesome Christmas gifts this year.  And well, I just want to share one more with you.

We found under the Morgan’s Christmas tree an oddly shaped present.  We were advised not to touch it.

MAN! Another mystery gift in which the giver seemed almost giddy about giving.  So giddy that when it came time to open it, he videoed it.  No, I am not in possession of said video.

What was it?

A cello.  A shelf.


It’s gorgeous!

Drew’s brother Daniel, with the help of a friend, put together this awesome shelf made from the body of a cello.  He just went to a music store inquiring about broken instruments.  To his luck there was a cello in need of a good home.

Our friend Jonathan does awesome wood work and helped Daniel with this project.

(2 side notes: Jonathan just started his own business, check it out here.  Also, Jonathan made a wooden box for my engagement ring from Drew.)

Since our bedroom was in need of some style we decided to perch the chelf right above the bed.

I just love the asymmetric look of this chelf!



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