it is finished.

What a week! The moral of my last story might have been we got a full nights sleep, but I can’t say the same about the rest of the week.

We learned just how relentless opossums can be.  After successfully trapping the opossum out from under the house, it became obsessed with getting back inside.  Around 9pm every night it would begin.  She would go back and forth from the recently discovered hole we had covered to the large crawlspace cover, digging and prying to get in.

From all of this we discovered.

1. opossums are relentless….i mean RE. LENT. LESS

2. we must have trapped at least one opossum under our house.

3. said opossum was getting up between the bathtub walls.

4. this wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought.

Needless to say, Drew sat out every night uncovering the hole and waiting for it come out from under the house.  He did this at 8pm, 9pm, 11pm, and one night I think he went out there at 2am trying to coax the thing out.

And to top it off the relentless one got hit over the head with a broom multiple times and kept standing its ground.  Drew finally moved to a long range weapon of choice, an air soft gun, to ward off the opossum that demanded to get back inside.

We finally broke down and got a trap(which happened to be free). It had been under the house 5 days with no way for it to get  food.  We began to worry it might die under there.

So we stuck the trap under the house and baited it with a rotten hot dog.

We waited.

And waited.

I was getting scared it might have actually died already when somewhere between REM and 4am… SNAP! We got it.  Granted I heard none of this.  I think I learned to just sleep with the relentless digging and rustling. But not for Drew.  He wanted to see his prize.

Now as for me, I wanted to see our prize dead…I could think of countless ways, but who has the heart to kill a living creature.

Thankfully my husband didn’t have the heart to kill it.  He let it go.

The relentless opossum was finally reunited with the trapped opossum.

I kept trying to imagine a silly cartoon of a love story between two opossums fighting for each other’s lives all in the name of love.

But really, I just wanted to get them as far away as possible from my sleep!



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