house intruder.

Two nights ago we went to bed to an unusual 65 degrees while a cold front was beginning to blow in across the plains.  Perhaps we got a couple hours of sleep but we quickly were awakened by…the wind? Sure.  The wind was blowing like crazy yet there seemed to be some rustling noises coming from under the house.

The rustling and the scratching lasted the entire night.  I was able to doze on and off, but Drew just laid there AWAKE.  Suddenly I noticed an awful smell.  Was that a cat? Worse off, cat urine? UGGHH! How are we going to sleep through this?

Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep that night.

Now to last night.  Drew was going to find out what was keeping us up if it was the last thing he did.

See, we have a small hole in the floor that allows us to get to the crawlspace.  I had wanted to open it all day to inspect the underbelly of our home.  The truth is I was just too afraid I would end up with a wild animal in our home.

Hence my view from the closet when Drew got home to open the hatch.

Once we had the hole open for sometime I decided it was safe and clear.

Then Drew took the plunge.  Outfitted with the latest in crawlspace fashion, coveralls, beanie, and a drop light.

What we found.

1. Evidence of recent urination.

2. Fresh pecans.

3. A large hole on the other side of the house, still not sure how we could have missed it.

-So as we both sat quietly for half an hour, me on the couch, Drew under the house…we heard nothing.  Not a sound.

4. No possumcats.

Drew covered the large hole where our not so friendly neighbors had been entering and we basked in our victory!

Until…we went to bed.

The possumcat was at it again. We realized we trapped it under our house.  Drew crawled out of bed, bundled up for the below freezing temps for the showdown with our possumcats.

He uncovered the crawlspace outside and stood at the garage waiting for our nocturnal enemy.  An opossum!

Quickly the hole was covered after the slow exodus of the opossum.

Moral of the story: we slept the whole night through.


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