the mystery gift

Just before Christmas I stopped by my parent’s house to find a huge present for Drew.  I immediately snapped a photo and sent Drew a text.  What could this large box be?  We had our guesses.  Patio furniture? Metal shelves?  A grill? No way.  A tool box?  Our list went on.  Even more my parents gave us the weight, 168lbs.  What could weigh so much and be the dimensions of that box?

We guessed it, but we never imagined it to be true…a new grill!

Drew’s brother and dad helped put it together.  It has separate gas and charcoal sides, and a warmer.  Sadly we didn’t have any yummy red meat to throw on the grill, but we broke it in with some turkey burgers and chicken.

I’m so proud of my husband…or just bragging on his stubbornness.  Drew didn’t feel great that day and actually was running a fever before going out and preparing dinner for us.  He is such a trooper!  My Grill Master.  I just love him!

Thanks Mom and Dad for the grill and helping us break it in with some steaks!




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