decked out.

My brain has a difficult time understanding that Christmas is less than a week away.  When did this happen?

But of course the days have gone by, each day in preparation for the big day.  Or in our case ‘days’.  The tree has been trimmed and presents now encircle the evergreen. It didn’t take long to hang our limited ornaments while eating some yummy homemade gluten free vanilla pudding cookies along the way.  We had to improvise on the recipe, but we made some dang good cookies.

And suddenly our house is beginning to feel like a home.

We took several photos in order to give you a tour of the house.  It was Drew’s idea to make a Photosynth of our living room at Christmas time.  Welcome to our home!

Also, for an added bonus check out Drew’s living room from two years ago.



  1. Yes, the chairs stay year round. But they also make it look more Christmasy in there. Also Marissa, the house is white with that same color blue shutters. It does have some curb appeal.

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