hunting trip.

This month has started the Christmas holiday season with a bang.  Last weekend we went on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.  So we loaded in the car, saw in hand, to a local tree farm .  I never had a real Christmas tree growing up.  All of this was very new to me, choosing the breed, and then perusing aisles upon aisles of trees.  How were we to choose?

on the hunt.

Luckily we knew exactly where the tree was going and how big we wanted it to be.  Being newlyweds we don’t have a ton of ornaments nor are we having Christmas at our home this year.  We though it would be nice to get a modest yet shapely tree to deck our halls.   After comparing one tree after another, we made our selection.

the one, or should I say 'ones'.

I wish I could pass on the smell of the tree through the computer screen.  My car smelled like an entire bottle of Pine-Sol spilled in the back.  It was heavenly!  I love our real tree and more importantly I love creating new traditions with the love of my life!


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