We of course have stockings that reside at our respective parent’s homes.  But we are married now.  We have our own home.  It’s time for us to create our own traditions and have our own stockings.

I had been waiting for a good time for Drew and I to go pick out the perfect stockings when it occurred to me we are more than qualified to create our own special stockings.   We dug through our fabric and came up with a winning combination.

a tweedy christmas.

We picked a nontraditional tweed front, a plain green back, and a shiny green cuff.   The green cuff is my favorite.  We layered a green satin, used in my engagement ring box, and green organza, used in the wedding.  I think it’s a prefect way to start off our first Christmas. By the way, Drew did all the sewing.  He is much better and more patient with the sewing machine than me.

What does your stocking look like?


One comment


    hopefully you can view the link. its a photo album of the stockings i made with ben’s mom’s help last year. i didn’t know how to sew yet so she sewed the stockings together and i ironed on everything i could and dit all the cutting and glitter gluing. i really really like them, monochromatic ivories and gold glitter glue. someday, however, once i get better at sewing, i want to make some out of big chunky sweaters.

    happy holidays!

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